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Mensagem por IuriMonteiro em Qua Nov 03, 2010 10:52 pm

Game Programmer (Tool/Tech/Gameplay)

Spellbound is a long established English-speaking game development company situated on the fringe of Strasbourg at the French/German border. Our most famous titles include the Desperados Franchise, Airline Tycoon and ArcaniA - Gothic 4.

Spellbound provides a friendly and relaxed environment to work in, where initiative is encouraged and valued. An enjoyable place where people share the project’s vision and take pride in their work.

Our main focus is creating awesome games while keeping our developers happy.

Company: Spellbound
Location: Strasbourg, Germany
Type: Full-time
Date posted: October 24, 2010

We are actively seeking passionate programmers for our AAA project team and opening up possibilities to work in game code, technology or tool development, depending on the candidate´s profile and ambitions. All candidates will be considered from novices with a good university degree to highly experienced established programmers.

Game code programmers are responsible for the development of great gameplay. They work hand in hand with the designers, animators and artists to make character control fun, AI cool, combat skillful and rewarding.

Technology programmers are responsible for developing and optimizing the core technology components of the game engine from rendering and audio to memory management and threading. Their work makes awesome audio and art shine and makes the game run fast and smooth.

Tool programmers work hand in hand with the level designers, artists, animators, audio engineers, writers and coders. Their job is to make great tools for the talented content creators and to spread happiness in the studio.

* Good knowledge of C++
* Working knowledge of English language
* A good degree (not necessarily in computer science)
* For game programmers, a good knowledge of recent AAA character-based games is required.
* For technology programmers, a deep understanding of software architecture and a good grasp of any technical specialty (such as modern rendering techniques) are required
* For tools programmers, experience of working with Microsoft .NET WinForms is useful.

* For junior posts no prior experience is required
* For developer posts, candidates should have at least 3 years of professional experience and have completed at least one game.
* For senior posts, the stronger the experience the more impressed we will be.

If any of these positions appeal to you, we would love to hear from you!

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Data de inscrição : 05/09/2010
Idade : 27
Localização : Carnaxide

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