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Game Design Portugal
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Miniclip - Game Designer

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Miniclip - Game Designer Empty Miniclip - Game Designer

Mensagem por IuriMonteiro Dom Nov 04, 2012 3:31 pm

Descrição da empresa

Miniclip is the online, mobile and social games company that attracts more than 70 million unique game players every month and is the Internet's largest online games website. The company develops, publishes and distributes more than 800 online and mobile games. Founded in 2001, Miniclip is privately owned and privately funded with its headquarters in Switzerland and offices in six countries. Miniclip is the only company to ever win the prestigious Webby People's Voice Award, the "Oscars of the Internet" for the Internet's Best Game Site for three consecutive years. For more information, visit
You will be working in our fashionable, open plan Studio in Lisbon with enthusiasts and professionals from the games industry. We like to maintain a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere, with regular team building and social events.

We understand that being tied to a desk all day is not fun and that’s why there is a games area and fridge with complimentary drinks and fruit for all staff.

Descrição da vaga is looking for an experienced Game Designer to hire in our Lisbon (Portugal) Games Development Studio. This is a full-time, permanent position to work on our flagship title 8 Ball Pool Multiplayer; please apply only if you have the right to work in Portugal.

Your primary responsibilities will include:

Write, review and give feedback on game/feature design documents, builds, and plans
Design game features and social loops that will improve user engagement, retention, and monetization
Work with artist, animators, and programmers and support the project’s vision
Participate as a key member of the production team focused on creative elements to guide projects from concept to launch and beyond
Support the rest of the team throughout the product lifecycle with subject-matter-expertise on social game design
Brainstorming and design work when development teams run into challenges and need additional creative assistance
Competências e experiências desejadas

We’re looking for a social, hard-working person who enjoys working in a team with others and is passionate and dedicated about his/her work. The ideal candidate will be strongly skilled in the following:

An absolute minimum of 3 years’ experience designing social MMOGs
At least 1 shipped social game in the role of game designer
Experience designing F2P and/or micro-transaction-based published titles
Exceptional understanding of current design techniques to deliver excellent engagement, retention, and monetization
Can concisely articulate core social game loops
Superb written, and oral communication skills
Ability to self-manage and create a production road map for team members
Able to balance between innovation and setting reasonable goals
Strong creative and technical writing skills
Understanding of psychological mechanisms that keep gamers playing
A good feel for current trends and market developments
Strong mathematical background and experience in designing virtual currencies and managing in-game economies

Mensagens : 425
EXP : 6174
Kudos : 1
Data de inscrição : 05/09/2010
Idade : 32
Localização : Carnaxide

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